Bitty Ballerinas


Mommy & Me   18 Months - 2 Years

Mommy & Me classes are a great way to dance and move with your child  - helping them to further develop balancing skills, flexibility, strength, and independence. With fun tunes and non-stop movement, you might just work up a sweat too!

Bitty Ballerinas I   3 - 4 Years

Bitty Ballerinas is a combo class - focusing on creative movement, beginner ballet technique, and movement awareness. With sing and dance along music, imagination games, and fun obstacle courses, your Bitty Ballerina will gain confidence and learn to express themselves through movement. 

Bitty Ballerinas II 4 - 5 Years

Bitty Ballerinas II is for the more independent dancer. With a fun, dynamic atmosphere, Bitty Ballerinas II plays on the elements taught in Bitty Ballerinas I - expanding to include additional ballet technique and basic combinations to help aid in muscle memory. This class will help prep your Bitty Ballerina to move onto additional dance forms and beyond. 



Ballet Basics   5 - 7 Years

Ballet Basics is the perfect class for your Bitty Ballerina transitioning to full ballet technique. In Ballet Basics, your child will continue to work on basic technique - while incorporating more complex ballet positions. Longer routine sequencing will help your child with combination memorization and muscle memory. 

Beginner Ballet   8 - 10 Years

Beginner Ballet is tailored to children growing beyond Ballet Basics as well as those who are taking a ballet class for the first time. In Beginner Ballet, your child will build their basic ballet technique - incorporating more complex ballet positions and additional exercises to build muscle strength. Beginner Ballet is a prep class for Intermediate Ballet and beyond. 

Intermediate Ballet   10+ Years

Intermediate Ballet is a class tailored to children with ballet experience - looking to take their training to the next level. Intermediate Ballet will focus on refining and perfecting ballet technique, while introducing advanced technical and performance elements. 


lincoln park dance and move - hip hop.png

Hip Hop Basics   5 - 7 Years

Hip Hop Basics combines fun tunes, free style, and exciting hip hop moves. In Hip Hop Basics, your child will have a blast as they explore how to express themselves through movement. Incorporating elements from basic hop hop, street jazz, and funk, your child will feel confident and cool as they break it down!

Beginner Hip Hop   8 - 10 Years

Beginner Hip Hop is a perfect class for those looking for more beyond Hip Hop Basics. Also great for children trying hip hop at a later age. In Beginner Hip Hop, your child will work to incorporate style into routines and combinations. While the class focuses on hip hop technique, it also emphasizes style - pulling in elements from popping, locking, and breaking. 



Jazz Basics   5 - 7 Years

If your child loves ballet, introduce them to Jazz Basics! Jazz Basics takes the elements presented in ballet class and adds a fun, new style to the movement. With upbeat tunes and fun combinations, your child will learn how to enhance their performance skills.  Grab your jazz shoes and meet us on the dance floor!

Beginner Jazz   8 - 10 Years

Beginner Jazz is the next step up from Jazz Basics. Beginner Jazz focuses on basic jazz technique, pulling in additional jazz styles - including contemporary and jazz funk. The class will include across the floor combinations (focusing on jumps, leaps, and turns) as well as stylized routines. Beginner Jazz is the perfect building block if your child is looking to expand their dance style. We recommend taking at least one ballet class per week alongside Beginner Jazz to help refine technique. 

Tap + Tumble 3-5 Years

Is your child into music and rhythm? If so, Tap + Tumble may be the class for them! The 1 hour combo class explores beginner tap technique and tap basics. To keep students working on overall flexibility and strength, a portion of the class will be on the mat - working on basic tumbling moves. Come make some noise with us!

Tap Basics 5-7 Years

Tap Basics is an hour long class dedicated to tap technique. Students will start with a warm up, working on flexibility and exploring sounds with their movements. The bulk of the class will be dedicated to learning tap essential moves - including time steps, flaps, digs, heels, buffalos, shuffles, and more!

Technique/Competition Prep 7-12 Years

Is your child looking to take their dancing to the next level? Our Technique class will have them working on turns, leaps, battements, and other essentials to move into the next level of dancing. These technical skills translate across all dance types - even more reason to ramp up the extra practice! If your child is interested in our competition team, we recommend taking a weekly technique class to continue to work on essential skills. 

Ballet/Technique 6-10 Years

Our ballet technique class is for the student who has a bit of ballet experience under their belt. Ballet Technique will continue to build on ballet basics - while introducing some of the more advanced elements (including jumps, turns, and more).